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  • 1.Jodabe Les Griffes Samples Sale

    Jodabe Les Griffes Samples Sale, October 3 to November 2, Clothing, accessories, and more. Brands: Schwiing, Matt & Nat, M made in italy, Soia & Kyo, Tom tailor, apricot and more.

  • 2.DK Company Sample Sale

    DK Company Sample Sale, August 28 to 29, Clothing for men and women, Hundreds of samples from 10$. Brands:Matinique, InWear, Part Two, Soaked in Luxury, Kaffe, Cream, Blend, Blend

  • 3.Designer Handbags Samples Sale

    Designer Handbags Samples Sale, May 22 to 24, Brands: Kathy Van Zeeland, B. Makowsky, Dolly&Daisy, Vince Camuto, Tignanello, Tyler Rodan and more.